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Our rescue dog, Leonelle is a very picky eater. I came across Ale For Tails booth at the Hebron Craft Festival. The concept of brewery grains was new to me which Diane explained and answered my questions. I always get my dog very healthy dog treats and food. Wanting to try new things for my dog, I bought 3 flavors of treats. I was very surprised and happy that Leonelle took to all of them quickly. The treats are crunchy and easy to break. I also grind them to use as flavoring over her dog food. Overall, a great buy and I will certainly be getting more!

- Sainath, Middletown, CT


My dogs Luke and Leia love Ale For Tails treats! They gobble them up so quickly, it is hard to tell which is their favorite. I love that they are homemade with real food by a nutrition professional and they are a creative way to re-utilize spent beer grains. They make my dogs very "Hoppy"!

- Alison, Franklin, CT


I love Ale for Tails treats and my beagles love them too! These treats are 100% natural, made with only high quality ingredients and with dogs’ health in mind, which is very hard to find these days despite all the options we now have available.  My beagles go crazy for them and wolf them down asking for more every time! When I give them these treats, that is perhaps the only time when they actually behave well and sit still for a few seconds as they wait to get more!

- Catalina, Glastonbury, CT

I’m always looking for different treats for my dog Higby, who is somewhat finicky and tends to get sick of the same treats I’ve been buying. I am picky about what I feed Higby and have difficulty in finding healthy treats to purchase. Low and behold I found Ale For Tails! He goes crazy for these and now knows the sound of the bag. I love the beer grain concept and even better, that they are healthy and made locally. So, I bought my hound a round and he loves them! Win! Win!

- Carly, Essex, CT


My three dogs – of various sizes and palates – LOVE Ale For Tails biscuits! I also like them as well since they are made locally by hand and consist of wholesome ingredients with nothing artificial.

- Amy, Higganum, CT


My three rescue dogs can not get enough of Ale for Tails treats! I love that they are wholesome and made with nutritious ingredients and my girls love the taste! These treats are a wonderful combination of whole food nutrition and a sustainable use of beer grains. They were also a perfect gift for my dog-loving friends! My @piersonpuppies are completely spoiled and now will not eat any other store bought treats! Loving the logo and packaging - very clever!

- Kara, East Haddam, CT