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Headquartered in East Haddam, Connecticut, we have only one goal in mind; providing your dog with delicious, high quality, nutritious treats you will feel good about & they will love and enjoy.
It’s just that simple!


Let’s face it…life is better with dogs. We love our dogs. They make us happy and help keep us healthy, so why not return the favor? Provide them with an Ale For Tails, healthy, wholesome treat with all the flavor of beer but without the alcohol, hops, soy, corn, chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives. 

So, SIT, STAY and COME on in to RETRIEVE more information about our high quality, handcrafted, nutritious and droolicious dog treats made with beer grains. Read on to find out more. You, and your dog, will be glad you did. Cheers!